How to Qualify as a Referral Partner?

Any individual or business organization can become a Septetgates Referral Partner as follows:
Referral Partners must provide information about themselves such as their name, address, contact individual, and type of business organization (if applicable).

How to Make a Referral?

It’s easy for a Referral Partner to send referrals to us referral:
Contact us at Sales@Septetgates .com with the necessary lead and customer information. We will review the referral information and determine if the lead qualifies for the Septetgates Referral Program, and notify the Referral Partner of the acceptance or rejection within 2 business days.

If the referral is accepted, a Septetgates account executive will contact the lead and follow our regular sales process. Referrals are good for 30 DAYS from the date of referral. Referrals are eligible for commissions only when initiated using the Septetgates services Lead Referral Program and end in an approved services.